An interview by Alan Barker with R.A. Wilson-Jones, Technical Manager of Royal Enfield on the design of the Bullet engine. (In MS Word .DOC Format)

The Norcroft-Enfield 1000cc V Twin

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The following is a selection of articles written by Royce Creasey that describe various modifications and improvements to the Royal Enfield Bullet - reproduced here with his kind permission.

All pages are in Adobe .PDF Acrobat format They are a bit large and take a while to load being up to about 540 kb each, but are good for printing.

Modifications for Speed and Reliability

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Exhaust Pipe / Cylinder Head Modifications

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Alternator Rotor Security

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Gasketless Cylinder Head

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The Linsdell Enfield Road Racers

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Enfield Four Shoe Brake Mod

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